The Aktiv Running Club is for runners and walkers of all levels who are interested in developing their fitness, enhancing their technique to be more efficient and prevent injuries, and learning about proper nutrition.


If you’re learning to run, trying to qualify for Boston, or running “Boston off the bike” this is a year-round club that can help you progress at your own rate.


Professional experience and professional coaching underpin the leadership of the Aktiv Racing Teams.

The Aktiv Running Club

  • includes runners and triathletes.
  •  the focus of the Aktiv Running Club is to work with multisport, running, and begineer athletes to develop proper technique in running, understanding of endurance and daily nutrition, and general principles of endurance training and racing.
  • our members join us for quality sessions where they develop skills and knowledge that they may take away and use with their training partners, while they are training on their own, and while training and competing with their other groups and clubs.
  •  running in particular has more technique than many people assume, and there are many benefits to be gained with proper technique such as injury prevention and greater fitness efficiency.
  •  anyone with the will to learn and to try their best is welcome to join us regardless of your current or past level of fitness.  If you’re brand new to sport, or if you think you might win an Ironman overall, then you have found the right club.

Aktiv Running Sessions:


Each Session (spring/summer/fall/winter) has a different weekly schedule and focus.


What happens at a typical run?


Each of our runs begins with a short warm up with a focus on techique and running skills development. Once the warm up is complete we break the group into smaller groups base on everyone’s current running level, each group gets a specific workout/focus for the session (intensity, running/walking distance, time or number of intervals). At the end of the run we cool down with some more running specific strenght development.

Contact Us

Aktiv Life Inc.


Retail Store and Office

15 Lock Street, #101

St. Catharines (Port Dalhousie),

ON, L2N 5B6

Wolf: 905.931.3472


Barb: 905.931.0984


Store Hours


Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 12:00 – 18:00

Wednesday: 12:00 – 18:00

Thursday: 12:00 – 18:00

Friday: 12:00 – 18:00

Saturday: 10:00 – 17:00

Sunday: Closed

* Extended hours available by appointment – just email us.  We can be available to help meet your needs.

Any Questions?

Contact us directly:

(Wolf) 905.931.3472

(Barb) 905.931.0984


What’s New?


November 15th

on the Bruce Trail by Brock University

Distance options: 3km, 6km, 12km, 18km, 24km


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